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Underwater pelletizing machine line

Underwater pelletizing


Our engineers developed after many years engaged in underwater pelletizer, now the company introduced the latest underwater pelletizing technology, underwater pelletizing operation becomes more simple and easy.
The advantages of using underwater pelletizing:

Spherical particles, the size and shape to meet the order processing requirements.
To eliminate the fine particles in the conventional production of granulation and the bad smell.
Automatic quick start, no waste, high degree of automation, saving manpower.
Small footprint, flexible device placed.
Reduce operator Labor.
Automatic safety shutdown.

Innovative technologies:
The unique anti-coagulation templates, special templates for temperature control distribution,
Special materials, templates life of more than two years.
The long blade life. Automatic spatula systems on the heart.
One-touch automatic operation, the pelletizing system is simple and reliable


Equipment consists of:

Extruder or reactor offering the polymer melt+ gear pump + diverter valve + die + granulator + water circulation system + electric panel

( if you use extruder, gear pump maybe not used)

Typical process:

A reactor, booster pumps, melt pumps, screen changer, melt cooler / thermal oil systems, underwater pelletizing system, circulating water systems, centrifugal dryers, control systems

2, the twin-screw extruder, car valves, underwater pelletizing system, water circulation system, centrifugal dewatering system


Processing range:

1, the hot melt adhesive production systems

Can handle sticky from 5000cps hot melt (including higher) without having to increase the melt cooler,
The hot melt adhesive of low viscosity by adding a melt cooler can.
The hot melt adhesive range:

     a) class based on EVA,   

     b) poly amide,           

c) polyester
d) amorphous olefin copolymer,

     e) a variety of adhesives.

2, commonly used elastomer:

Styrenic thermoplastic elastomers (TPS): such as the SBS, the SIS, SEBS, SEPS
Polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer (TPO, TPE-O, or TEO): separate mixed infiltration-type S-of TPO
Dynamic sulfur TPV (PP / EPDM)
Ester thermoplastic elastomer (TPE),
Polyamide thermoplastic elastomer (TPA)

3. Polyurethane thermoplastic elastomer (TPU)
Typical process:
1) reactor, cooling, crushing, twin-screw melt underwater pelletizing and centrifugal dewatering system.
2) three-component measurement, twin-screw reactive extrusion, underwater pelletizing, centrifugal dewatering system.

4, polyolefin resin:
1) high yield of PE, PP production, (1000kg / h or more)
2) high melting refers to the production of high yields PP (300kg / h or more)
5. Blend modified materials:
1) Universal masterbatch of small particles: PE, PP,, the ABS, EVA + paint + other additives
2) filled with modified: PP +80% -90% calcium carbonate production
3) blend modified: PE, PP, PS + SBS of PP, the PA + EPDM
4) glass fiber reinforced: PP, PBT, ABS, PA, the PC, POM, the PPS, PET + the length of glass fiber /          whisker powder coating

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